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Daily Cleanser Bad Habits

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My husband has a habit of washing his face in the shower every morning with an “off the shelf” cleanser loaded with parabens. I noticed that it was drying his skin out, causing more break outs due to dryness and potentially causing unrepairable damage if he is going to be in the sun for too long.

Just look at some of the inactive ingredients in his cleanser:

Triethanolamine Myristic Acid C9-15 Alkyl Phosphate Lauric Acid Glycerin Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Cocamidopropyl Betaine Phenoxyethanol Fragrance Methylparaben BHT Propylparaben Ethylparaben Red 4 Yellow 10

I knew a simple change to a healthy and more effective cleanser was in order but changing his habit would be an uphill battle.

I decided to simply swap his cleanser out with Image Ormedic Cleanser and inform him to use “my cleanser” when he needed it, and the results have been great. To my surprise, he really likes the clean feeling without the dryness and his occasional breakouts have further reduced as well.

I suggest you check and see what type of cleansers you or your loved ones are using to remove makeup or to clean your face and make the healthy switch as well.

Details on the specific cleanser I selected for my husband:

Image Ormedic Cleanser is an organic-blend gel cleanser that lifts away makeup and impurities, balances the pH of your skin, and eliminates the need for a toner. A harmonizing blend of organic chamomile, green tea and oat kernel extract delivers essential nutrients to restore the skin’s natural balance. Leaves skin soft, hydrated and clean. Paraben free

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